At ESB Renovations we want to provide you with answers to your roofing, siding and window replacement questions. Often times home owners simply make decisions based on bad information. As a home owner you have the right to know the facts. So, ESB Renovations would like to ask you, did you know...

  • that some adjusters receive bonuses based on the amount of money they save per claim.


  • that your insurance company already has pre determined pricing for your damaged home, therefore eliminating the need for estimates.


  • that your insurance company has meetings on how to increase their profit and reduce their losses.


  • that your insurance premium may increase regardless if you file a claim or not.


  • that your insurance company is required to put you back into the same shape as you were prior to the storm.


  • that you are free to choose any contractor that you are comfortable with.


  • that your insurance company will only pay for what is actually and necessarily spent.


  • that if your insurance company is recommending that you use their contractor, that there is a very good reason why.


  • that if your adjuster is bad mouthing another company, there is a very good reason why.